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IMON/370 Change Log


    First IMON/370 version available for download.

    Includes options A, B, D, E, F, L, P, R, S, T.


    Add option C.

    Debug device sampling in option D.

    Fix operation of tutorial in option D (not unlocking keyboard).

    Add I subcommand to option R.

    Fix PGFIX abend S171 in option R when APF authorised.

    Display date in ISO format.

    Test APF authorised functions.

    Update many tutorial pages for 3.8J, as well as document more about fast/slow test differences in option R.


    Add options U and V.

    Update tutorial screens for options U and V.

    Remove tutorial bloat for options @, $ and N which are not do-able for MVS/370.

    Add options/features customisation job.


    Add option G.

    Change system summary line item label from PGRT (total page rate) to DPR (demand page rate) to reflect correct meaning. 


    Change option D to show local non-SNA 3270 VTAM LU name under VOLUME and TSO user using terminal under LAST-JOB.

    Show system region in option VV.

    Add option M.

    Show current and IPL dates and times on main menu.


    Correct page-fixing logic so that persistent updates of PLPA can be made from option VB (when APF authorised).


    Display storage subpool in option VB when storage is in LSQA.

    Add option J which uses DAS. Only LSQA can be reliably accessed from other address spaces.

    Add cross memory access using DAS to option VB.

    Fix screen handling for large (more than 4096 locations) screens.

    Add option O.


    Enhance option T to display the SVC event count for each SVC if present as added by usermod ZP60013.


    Show SSCVT ID byte and fix SU bit numbering (each was out by 1) in option M.

    Use primary screen size for option C on a wide screen.

    Only skip 64KB (not 1MB) when VB FIND encounters a missing segment.

    Enable option OT to display the Master Trace Table when it resides in common storage such as is implemented by usermod ZP60017.


    Prevent infinite loop in option O when there is no active 3270 console.


    Show TSO terminal name in main menu.

    Improve ASCB details display in option J leading lines.

    Use improved DAS support of usermod ZP60023 to achieve reliable cross-memory data display in options J and VB.

    Show instantaneous region size usage in option J.


    Improve asynchronous terminal I/O support for large screens.

    Add option K. Includes several tutorial screens.

    Add program IM370GAT to the package to support option K.

    Show active SMF parameter details in option M.

    Show CPU overhead in option G even if not APF authorized.

    Support wide screen display format for options OL and OT.

    Allow initial program search name in option B. For example IM BBIEFBR14

    Add the X subcommand to option R which controls (toggles) the addition of several immediate instructions to the instructions timed under the RR INSTRUCTION TIMINGS heading. Do not use this unless "hardware" (or OS emulation software) support for halfword-immediate instructions is present.


    Exploit extra lines in wide screen display for option VB.

    Make the addresses shown in option VD tab selectable.


    Reship to fix backlevel IM370GAT module.


    Reship to fix backlevel IM370GLS module.


    Load data into FPR2 in option VB before data fetch from secondary ASID, and display error message if not preserved across DAS usage. This was to test for the defective version of usermod ZP60023, and to verify the fix.


    Fix option VB command response formatting.


    Detect absent module extent list in option J subcommand C..


    Fix the program parameter display of subcommand P in option J. It is now turned on by default, and is also activated by the A subcommand. As well as the job step program parameter stored in the SWA, it will display TSO command buffers for command processor tasks.


    Fix the command recall area (displayed by using PA1) screen location in option OT for 80-column screens with more than 24 lines.


    Fix the TRAC or ? display in option VB.


    Increase CYL width to allow the display of 4-digit cylinder numbers in option D.

    Fix test for device-busy in option G so that the cylinder number can actually be displayed if the device is busy when the data collection for a display cycle completes.


    Change terminal setup TPG from HOLD to NOHOLD to reduce elapsed time and improve interoperability with launch platforms such as RFE.

    Change display window storage size request of 32KB to be a varable request in the 32KB to 64KB range, thereby doubling the maximum display line count in most cases.


    Display additonal request block items in option J.

    Include source code in downloadable package which now contains 2 XMIT files.



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