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If you are interested in converting selected programs or entire load libraries (or even concatenations thereof) into a sequential data set of fixed-length 80-byte records to allow transport to other systems which may not have the TRANSMIT/RECEIVE facility provided by TSO/E then read on. Otherwise select >REVIEW> above to return to the REVIEW home page.


Step 1 - Creating the sequential data set.

The mechanism to sequentialize PDS members to be used here is provided by the OFFLOAD command of REVIEW which is available while REVIEWing a member list of a PDS or PDS concatenation, or by the OFFLMOD program. The installation of REVIEW or OFFLMOD on the source system is therefore a pre-requisite.

The main points in the process of using REVIEW to sequentialize load modules for transport are:

  • Pre-allocate the target sequential data set.
  • Issue the REVIEW TSO command to display the member list of the partitioned data set or file.
  • Tag the desired member(s) for offload (not required if all members are to be offloaded).
  • If the preservation of aliases is required then issue SORT TTR to sort the members into TTR order.
  • Issue the OFFLOAD command.
  • Supply the data set name of the target output sequential file.

This process can be performed for any PDS. For fixed-length and variable-length record libraries the output sequential file will have the same record format (RECFM) and logical record length (LRECL) as the PDS, and the members can be restored by the PDSLOAD program. (Actually, the minimum LRECL of the sequential data set is 80 for IEBUPDTE compatibility, but this does not prevent restoring the members to PDSs with smaller LRECLs.)

For load libraries which have an undefined record format, the output sequential file will have fixed-length 80-byte records, which means one avenue of restoring these programs to systems running under Hercules is via the card reader. Load module members can be restored on the target system by the REVLMOD program. Program objects cannot be transported using this method. IBM supplies the IEWTPORT program with z/OS to perform this function for program objects.


Step 2 - Restoring the members.

The mechanism to restore the members is provided by a utility program. The utility program is PDSLOAD (for fixed-length and variable-length record data) or REVLMOD for program load modules. Note that selected input members will replace existing members of the same name.

If REVIEW and the utility to be used are installed on the target system then the process consists of the following interactive dialog:

  • If the target PDS does not already exist then create it with the correct attributes.
  • REVIEW the target PDS to show the member list. The target PDS may already have existing members.
  • Issue the PDSLOAD command to bring up a data entry screen.
  • Supply the sequential data set name containing the member data, and any other parameters such as a member name filter.
  • After the member load process REVIEW will report the condition code of the utility program.
  • Issue TOP to scroll up to the top of the member list to see all the new members.

If REVIEW is not installed on the target system then a job stream similar to the following can be used:

//jobname  JOB acct,name,CLASS=A,MSGCLASS=X,REGION=512K
//SYSUT2   DD  DSN=target.pds,DISP=OLD
//SYSIN    DD  *
 ... sequentialized program data from =OFFLOAD ...
Add a STEPLIB DD statement if REVLMOD is not in the system link list.

Of course, you could use a job stream like the one above to install REVIEW on the target system and thereafter use the interactive dialog to restore members. To do that REVLMOD would need to be installed first. How can that be done?  Easy!

Just click here to download a zip file of the REVLMOD source code in ASCII text.

REVLMOD can be assembled by IFOX00 under MVS 3.8, and probably even by IEUASM under MVT. The link edit should specify the attributes of REUS,RENT,REFR.

Of course, if you need more information about any of this, then please feel free to email Greg Price.

And now, back to the REVIEW home page.


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