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The Interactive Monitor for z/OS

Now freely available to use - with source code !!

IMON is a real-time system monitor for IBM's flagship Operating System family. It has been under continuous development since 1981, and has been a Prycroft Six proprietary product since 1986. The latest version of IMON can be downloaded from this page. This version is for the latest z OS releases, but could probably be made to work on older pre-z OS releases if you could find any. IMON/370 for OS/VS2 3.8 can be downloaded from the VS2 Software page.

Click here to see the Change Log.

IMON usually runs as a command under TSO, although it can function as a started task driving a local 3270 terminal with EXCP. IMON uses full screen I/O and exploits 3270 features to provide information in a high density format which is nonetheless very readable. Extra optional started tasks can be run to accumulate historical data which can then be examined in an interactive fashion.

Once familiar with its operation, an IMON user can usually navigate to the specific display of interest with a single command string. This command string can also be specified as the TSO command operand, so that a specific display can be requested with the IMON invocation. Because IMON is so responsive to input, information of interest can quickly be located and evaluated. It is possible to exit IMON and resume other TSO work very easily and quickly, so IMON provides rapid access to data without intruding on your work patterns.


Click here to download the zip for IMON 2020-09-06 (1,126,217 bytes)


The zip file contains 3 TSO/E TRANSMIT files. After unzipping, BINARY transfer IMONZASM.XMI, IMONZCTL and IMONZLOD.XMI to sequential data sets with fixed-length 80-byte records, and issue a TSO/E RECEIVE command with the INDATASET operand specifying the uploaded data set. (Perform a RECEIVE command for each uploaded data set.)  This will load 3 partitioned data sets, one of which is a load library. At this stage you can CALL the IM load module to verify the data transfer, and get some idea of how IMON operates.

Ideally, IMON should be installed into an APF authorised link list library, and IM registered into the IKJTSO00 member of your system PARMLIB an an APF authorised TSO command (ie. in the AUTHCMD section). You can issue the PARMLIB UPD(00) command under TSO to activate the new IKJTSO00 settings without an IPL. The CNTL data set contains a customisation job which allows you to customise the availability of various options and capabilities at your site, as well as some sample information for your perusal. IMON requires an APF authorised environment to be fully functional.


To see a screenshot of the IMON main menu click here.

To see a screenshot of the graphic activity display (option "G") click here.

To see a screenshot of the job status display (option "J") click here or click here.

To see a screenshot of the master trace table display (option "OT") click here.

For a contrived tour of IMON click here.


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