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IMON Change Log


    First IMON version available for download.

    Add support for OS/390 2.10 including 64-bit real storage addressing and TCT device entry changes.


    Option J DD display - fix support for UCBs above the line.

    Option @ - add this option to display the UNIX User Database.

    Add the UNIXUSER sample CLIST to IMON.CNTL.

    Option MM - show LOGREC recording collection repository name.


    Option C display - color code channel status.

    Option R - add I subcommand to allow changing the RR instruction timings iteration loop count.

    Change date display to ISO format.

    Add the ASIS operand to the CONTROL statement in the UNIXUSER sample CLIST.

    Update help screens for options C and R, including extra information about MIPS tests 1-8.


    Change option @ to be able to list UNIX groups - add U and G local subcommands.


    Fix TSO operand parsing when a comparison mask is included.

    Fix inter-option jump to option U when device number is only three digits.


    Show modules for each subsystem function - not just JES2 - in option MM.


    Change date display to ISO format in options B and S.


    Suppress option F from main menu when running in z/Architecture mode.


    Remove support for MVS/XA.

    Remove support for swap data sets.

    Option C: add detail display and fix system I/O rate calculations.

    Option D: Allow SRVTM and RSPTM to report fractions of milliseconds.

    Option A: Increase IORATE limit from 999.99 to 999,999 and remove WSS.

    Tidy up eye-catcher acquisition in options T and M.


    Add "IMON in batch".


    Copy UCB details from target ASID for the DD list in option J.


    Report system level Name/Token pairs in option MM.

    Report address space level and task level Name/Token pairs in option J.

    Increase data display size for 80-column "large" screens in option VB.

    Display storage tracking details for addresses in CSA and SQA in option VB.

    Make addresses displayed in VD, VL, VP and VS tab selectable.

    Suppress leading zeros in option BB BLDL results SIZE and EPA.

    Support execution under z/OS 1.7.

    Support execution on z990 and later processors.


    Always show CSA/SQA GETMAIN return address if available in option VB.

    Support 3270 14-bit addressing during main menu generation.


    Add z/OS 1.7 support to IMSPACER.


    Display up to 7 digits for AFC in option P.

    Disable tab selectable fields when user not authorised in option J.

    Correctly display zero-length symbol values in option M.

    Fix cross-memory storage access for z9 hardware in option VB.


    Display z/OS 1.9 SCOPE=COMMON data space counts in option M.

    Remove user key CSA usage when browsing data space storage in option V.


    Correct summary line AFCA display for pre-1.7 systems.


    Fix cross-memory storage access for z9 hardware in option OC.


    Exploit wide screen for Master Trace Table display in option OT.

    Allow wide screen display for option C so that more lines are visible.

    For z/OS 1.11 and later, show address space reusability and instance number, ASID and address of most recent local lock owner, MEMLIMIT value and source, and the address space program name, in option J.

    Clear residual data space browse details for some inter-option jumps from virtual storage tab selections, such as from options N and VSMLIST suboptions of V.

    Fix option J screen corruptions from z/OS 1.11.

    Move device number and volume displayed in option J one column so there is always a blank between the DD name and the device number, even if the DD name has eight characters and the device number has four digits.

    Fix screen corruptions when jumping to option V suboptions other than VB when using wide screens.

    Fix backslash command refresh screen handling errors.

    Replace character display of Token (which is usually undisplayable) with hex display of last half of Name (which is also often undisplayable) when displaying Name/Token pairs in option J.

    Show dubbed TCB thread id and, if present, the thread userid, in option J.

    Improve option MM readability by using different colours for some setting names and their values.

    Show CPU model capacity identifier from CSRSI if different from hardware model in option MM.


    Add extra capacity and SMF settings to option MM display.


    Fix multiple program extent handling in options J and VB.


    Fix option VB S0C4 abend introduced by the last change.


    Fix option VB command response formatting and program offset calculation.


    Display dynamic exits in option M.

    Display registered command prefixes in option M.

    Fix cross-memory SWAREQ for z/OS 2.2 in option J.

    Change default sub-option of option O from C to T.


    Allow option R tests to report speeds greater than 2łą instructions per second.

    Add tests 9 and A to option R, and add tests for some instructions with immediate operands into the "RR instruction test" list.


    Rewrite the P setting display of option J to reliably show the job step program parameter and TSO command strings.

    Improve left/right scrolling of the Master Trace Table in option OT when the screen has at least 100 columns.

    Update option VB to handle the larger LPDE size in z/OS 2.3 and later.

    Update option A to display larger real storage sizes by supporting the G for gigabyte scaling, and to use ECVTEORM instead of CVTEORM in the real storage summary line.

    The G setting display of option J will now also display 32-bit GPR values from request blocks as well as the TCB.

    The C setting display of option J will now show the path name of UNIX programs on z/OS 2.3 and later.

    The R setting display of option J will now show the RBGLAGS1 contents, the instruction length count and theinterrupt code from request blocks, and will show the CDE address of UNIX programs rather than the *PATHNAM "name" to allow reconciliation with CDEs displayed by the C setting.

    Option J now has new initial settings that will display request blocks, the program parameter, and DDs with non-zero EXCP counts.


    Update option V display V for RUCSA, including repairing the FBQE free space scan for CSA and ECSA.



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